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Leaving the nest…

We had prepped more Tsungshigo Chinese tomato, garnet red yam, and Cherokee Purple tomato babies than we could successfully deal with ourselves. Our friends around the area were excited to see how growing on balconies and other locations may fare. Here are some early results!

Progress Photos

Tsungshigo Chinese tomato growing in a pot on a balcony.
Bringing some plant velcro to help this hearty plant stay on track, June 23.
Sweet potato vines growing in a pot.
Sweet potatoes doing really well after just 3 weeks, June 23.
Sweet potato and tomato plants in pots on a balcony.
Sweet potatoes and tomato planted in pots on a balcony, June 5.

Growing sweet potatoes from existing potatoes

Know how if you forget about a sweet potato (sometimes called yams here in the US depending on the variety) and it’s in a dark, humid spot it will start to sprout? If you give it more of that fun treatment, you can grow your own sweet potatoes from those existing potatoes.

We always start with an organic potato because we’ve heard conventionally grown tubers may have a sprout inhibitor. It’s easy to get them started in quart jars in water or we’ve seen some methods with shallow pans of dirt. Both will have you a ton of slips to work with in very short order. We had so many this year we planted 6 bags with two plants each so…we’ll see. These are garnet red yams (again, really sweet potatoes) and they should really start heavy vining growth this month.

red garnet yams from slips growing in plant bag
Red garnet yams about a month old (when planted).