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No time for long pickles? Go quick.

We found three cucumbers that missed the first round of pickling and wanted to try a method similar to when you get a bowl of the delicious quick pickles at Ted’s Montana Grill. Rather than try to replicate that recipe, we just did an online search for quick pickles and ended up trying Rachael Ray’s quick pickles.

Since we had grown dill this year, the only ingredient we had to pick up was mustard seed. (We’re planning on growing mustard greens starting in the fall so going forward, that deficiency will be remedied and we won’t need to rely on the store spice).

This recipe is very simple and the results are super tasty. Highly recommended for a bowl of yummy pickles to enjoy with BBQ or anything grilled!

Easy quick pickle recipe with cucumbers from first Sumter batch.
Easy quick pickle recipe with cucumbers from first Sumter batch.

What’s your favorite thing to pickle? Okra is on our list for next year…

“Commence ‘ta pickling!”

A few years ago, we thought it would be neat to try and grow everything for salsa. That was a great experiment and taught us a lot in preparation for this year where we’re figuring out how many things can be pickled. The answer is almost anything. We use a refrigerator pickle recipe from “All Day I Dream About Food” with a bit of heat from jalapeno (although you can do with most any pepper, we’ve tried with Thai chilies with good success.)

Open pint jars of vegetables to be pickled.
Pint jars of cut Chinese long beans and Sumter cucumbers with spices waiting for pickling brine.

We’ve been harvesting the Chinese red noodle beans about every other day and had a good stash built up. We had thought to freeze them (and will with the next few batches) but really thought a good pickling may be fun.

Pickled cucumbers and beans in glass jars.
Pickled cucumbers and long beans, so lovely, so spicy!

The Sumter cucumbers matured very quickly although a bit oddly shaped (which in reading seems from uneven pollination so going to try some hand pollination for the next ones growing). One we left in it’s cute small form and the rest we sliced a bit on the thick side.

Cucumbers in a bowl.
First cucumber harvest, July 16.

We were excited to be able to use dill from the garden but left some to grow for the next batch. It’s likely we’ll have to buy a bit more though since we didn’t get a ton.

Cucumber tendrils latched onto dill plant.
Cucumber loves dill!

How do you pickle? Spicy or not? What else have you pickled? Peppers? A peck of those peppers?