Dwarf Cavendish banana growing vigorously.

Tropical Fruit (Dragon Fruit, Banana)

These are longer-term growing projects with the dragon fruit not expected to produce for upwards to three years — but who could resist the opportunity to try? These are all from rareseeds.com (live plants section, when in season).

Dragon Fruit (Edgar’s Baby)

So far, one of the wee plants is growing well. We’re following the general directions that came with the plants and also information online from other people attempting the same.

  • 5/24/2017 — Repotted in 3-gallon plant bag with cactus mix dirt

Dwarf Bananas

We’ve got 3 types of dwarf bananas growing — Cavendish, Iholena, and Nam Wa .  We did these in 7-gallon plant bags so we could easily move them around or replant as they grew. They are thriving so far!

  • 5/26/2017 — Repotted into 7-gallon plant bags from temporary containers.

Hardy Kiwi

We made the decision not to plant the kiwi and have found a good home for these plants!

Progress Photos

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