Tomatoes and sweet potatoes explosion.


We’ve planted two varieties of tomato this year, one from (Tshungshigo Chinese) and one from my family in Missouri making it an actual heirloom tomato (Cherokee Purple).

Cherokee Purple (heirloom)

Everything we’ve read about these indeterminate tomatoes makes me think they are going to be huge, both the plants and the eventual fruit. They were a bit slow to get going from seed but now they are ready to grow! Read more detail about this prized heirloom tomato in our “Newly Planted” post.


  • 7/30/2017 — Many fruits visible and growing quickly.
  • 7/8/2017 — Starting to flower, all 3 plants hitting top of the cages.
  • 6/23/2017 — Massive growth in a short period, all 3 plants up to (and past) the first rung of the cages.
  • 6/9/2017 — Found homes for remaining 5 seedlings!
  • 6/6/2017 — Transplanted three seedlings to 7-gallon plant bags and one giant pot. Went ahead and put up large cages. Seedlings have been hardened on patio.

Progress Photos

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Tsungshigo Chinese

We had ordered these tomato seeds from before we found our Cherokee Purple tomato seeds so these had a couple weeks head start. Planted them in 3-gallon plant bags with smaller cages — thriving so far!


  • 7/30/2017 — Several fruits ripe, picked, and eaten. Super delicious! Went ahead and topped remaining plants. Next year will do different method as these really needed larger bags.
  • 7/8/2017 — Fruit on all plants, added some velcro on the largest where bottom leaves hanging outside the cage.
  • 6/23/2017 — All but one plant above the top rung of the cage. Pruned all lower suckers and branches on biggest plants. Flowering has started.
  • 6/8/2017 — Definitely enjoying the sunshine and heat. Burst of growth on the four plants in bags, all but one already growing above first cage ring.
  • 5/24/2017 — Transplanted hardened seedlings into 3-gallon plant bags and interspersed among sweet potato bag area.

Progress Photos

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