Garnet red sweet potatoes really taking off.

Sweet Potato (Red Garnet)

Always fun to grow these from existing sweet potatoes which you can read in our latest “Do it yourself already” post. The first time we did this a few years ago we used a purple variety. This year all we could find organic were garnet red yams (really sweet potato). Things got out of hand and we ended up with six 7-gallon bags with two plants in each — plus we gave a bunch to family, friends. It helps that we love to eat sweet potatoes too and when they start growing in earnest, they are really beautiful and vigorous.


  • 7/8/2017 — Moved bags over by the larger tomatoes and only 2 bags just not taking off so went ahead and composted those to use bags for peppers.
  • 6/23/2017 — Most plants growing vigorously. About 4 that hadn’t shown any new growth at all and yellowish leaves, swapped out with 4 we still had in the greenhouse.
  • 6/1/2017 — Gave them all a fish emulsion drink. Seeing new growth on all the plants.
  • 5/11/2017 — Transplanted all from water into 7-gallon plant bags. Extra slips transplanted into 4-inch peat pots to gift.
  • March — Started slip process from existing potatoes. Once tall enough on the potato, twisted off and let roots grow in water. Kept along eastern-facing window sill until moved to patio.

Progress Photos

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