Sunflower blooming

Sunflower (Snacker)

We have a fondness for sunflowers and a personal need to get at least one to thrive. The last time we planted one in a big pot and then it was just one of those years where things fall apart on all fronts. Sourced seed from Botanical Interests.


  • 7/30/2017 — Removed most viable seeds from harvested heads, soaked in salty water overnight, then roasted. Extra heads and plant matter going out into the garden to compost naturally. Saved about 20 seeds from the largest head for next year!
  • 7/8/2017 — Cut down 3 that were starting to yellow and readying them for indoor drying.
  • 6/17/2017 — All but one sunflower blooming (and that one about to). Pollinators are loving these!
  • 6/13/2017 — First sunflower in the row bloomed fully. Two more getting ready to open.
  • 6/11/2017 — Used soapy water to spray carefully on the aphids which worked!
  • 6/9/2017 — Noticed one of the plants has a ton of weird spidery looking insects having a super snack so doing research on how to combat. All have pronounced flower heads forming.
  • 5/11/2017 — Gave them all bamboo pole and bit of plant velcro for support after getting buffeted by winds.
  • 4/11/2017 — Planted directly in raised beds, 3 in each front corner but will thin to just one so total 4.

Progress Photos

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