Peanut plants have at least doubled in size since mounding dirt over the bases.

Peanut (Tennessee Red)

I’m not sure what spurred this but when we were looking through collection, growing peanuts caught our attention. Living in Georgia, it seemed only logical. We struggled through what we think was a thrips attack but never confirmed. Everything we could find about peanut diseases and what the plant would look like pointed to that but typically you just wait it out. Things are back on track now and flowers starting to pop in.

Reading more about this variety, they are a Valencia type peanut, known for red skin and smaller, sweeter crop.


  • 7/8/2017 — All plants have roughly doubled in size since mounding dirt on bases.
  • 6/18/2017 — Added loose dirt around base of all plants.
  • 6/8/2017 — Almost tall enough to start mounding process for faded flowers to send down pegs. Learning a lot about growing peanuts!
  • 5/20/2017 — Seem to have survived what we think were thrips; new growth seen.
  • 4/11/2017 — Planted directly in raised bed.

Progress Photos

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