Full shot of raised beds at south end looking north.


Just a couple backyard gardeners in slightly north Georgia. This is our first significant attempt at more than just an herb bed or a couple pots of tomato plants.

We may have overdone it already but it feels great! We like to do as much ourselves as we can except for trying to keep a light touch to adding things that may have long-term impact — such as we’re using a temporary green house that can be stashed on the patio when not in use.

It’s also our goal to use as many at-hand resources as possible such as water from a rain barrel or humus from compost. Plus we’re suckers for solar-powered lights and decorations.

Viva My Garden is a take on an XBOX game titled Viva PiƱata where you tended a garden of colorful pinatas (more or less). It seems the more features we add to our backyard, the more critters come to visit, just like in the game.

We’ve started an Instagram feed if you just want to follow image postings!

Progress Photos

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